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Weeping Rock after rain

With the recent rain the rock is draped in water. I took a photo of the rock in drier times two years ago.

Doesn't it have an evocative name -- I wonder if it's weeping in the sense of "seeping" or "sadness".

Words to walk with:
From Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by Lord Byron
"They mourn, but smile at length; and smiling, mourn:
The tree will wither long before it fall;
The hull drives on, though mast and sail be torn;
The roof-tree sinks, but moulders on the hall
In massy hoariness; the ruin'd wall
Stands when its wind-worn battlements are gone;
The bars survive the captive they enthrall;
The day drags through though storms keep out the sun;
And thus the heart will break, yet brokenly live on."


  1. Yes, there's certainly much more water around these days, thank goodness! Love the evocative poem.

  2. It's a beautiful waterfall and makes me want to just sit underneath it to cool off!

    Such a heartbreaking poem though. But beautiful.

  3. Harald's Pilgrimage evoked old age in my mind. Some lovely use of language within it.

    It is, indeed, a lovely name: Weeping Rock. I feel certain that it was named because it was seeping but with the knowledge that there was another more romantic interpretation. Lovely image ...


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