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It's raining, raining, raining so no walking today. Instead here is a picture taken on a sunny day at Wentworth Falls lake.


  1. The rain is astounding, isn't it. I have just spoken with one of my brother's who lives in the hills outside Kempsey. On BoM there is a massive storm stretching between the GC and Lismore: given another 24 hours or less it will be on top of him. He is already living on biscuits and rice and his truck is 5 creeks away: he trudged over the ridge. He thinks he will ford the creeks in the morning before it hits. Nothing soaks in any more: just runs off. He can ford creeks at 0.4 but gets sweep off his feet at 0.6. He has measured 950mm in three months. That is 34" - in an area that has pa about 52".

    And Victoria is brown and dry ...

  2. I'm thinking they are twins.

  3. Fantastic capture! One could be the shadow of the other.


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