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Looking back

Looking back you can see a view of Weeping Rock from a more elevated position.

Words to walk with:
Tis good the - the looking back on Grief by Emily Dickinson
'Tis good—the looking back on Grief—
To re-endure a Day—
We thought the Mighty Funeral—
Of All Conceived Joy—

To recollect how Busy Grass
Did meddle—one by one—
Till all the Grief with Summer—waved
And none could see the stone.

And though the Woe you have Today
Be larger—As the Sea
Exceeds its Unremembered Drop—
They're Water—equally—"


  1. Beautiful! Should be on a calendar.

  2. The soundscape would we a wonder, I suspect.

    My WV is "hydre".

  3. It looks even more beautiful from this vantage point, especially since aside from the falls, there's also a lower cascade beside it.

  4. I love this perspective too. What a wonderful place!

  5. Seeing this, I can't help but think about your recent fires. I have a limited knowledge about the geography of Australia so this looks amazing to me. I love the Dickinson.

  6. PJ the Victorian fires were many hundreds of miles from. Bushfires are always a risk here in the mountains but this year we were spared. There were helicopters up in the skys today, often a sign of fires, but at this time of year more probably a lost or injured walker, our terrain is quite treacherous.


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