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Darwin's Walk, Wentworth Falls

We have come to the end of this walk.

Words to Walk With:
From Patterns by Judith Wright
"Be my old silence. Be
the place and past and pattern that I know.
Be a loved verse re-read
Before I pick my duties up and go."


  1. "Be my old silence" - lovely.

    I was in at the Mitchell Libary yesterday and they have some items out of their vaults on display in the walkway between the old and the new library. One of the things they have are a series of bird whistles lovingly crafted out of metal and very intricate. Behind, they have a video of the old chap out in the bush playing this remarkably realistic sounds. I thought of you in your bush ...

  2. Julie, I like those displays they have the the State Library but don't get there as often as I used to. Haven't been out in my bush enough lately, too wet for me and the wet has played havoc with the tracks -- Darwin's Walk is currently closed.

    I like the words too.

    Jim, thanks. I'm very fond of this shot ... the intense green from the rain and the black trees (I think burnt out).

  3. What a gorgeous blog. Your photos are a beauty and to have those words to walk to... magic!

  4. Great shapes and composition! I can easily imagine Darwin's feeling watching so many different things for the first time in his life!

  5. I think “green” must be your colour. Mine, too. :)

    Great photo. Love the different textures and patterns.


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