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Lichen, Moss, Fungus

Darwin's Walk, Wentworth Falls

Words to walk with:
From Lichen, Moss, Fungus by Judith Wright
"bracket, star, cup, parasol,
gilled, pored, spored, membraned,
white, chestnut, violet, red ...
there spreads an embroidery, ancient
source of the forests."


  1. I'm reeling from all those mental images, the poem amid the images is faultless.

  2. Seeing the beauty of small things is a gift.

  3. The second photo is superb and as usally I like words:)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. The lichen is very much as though embroidered. That appears to be a spider's web in the second image, around a cocoon of some sort. All extremely delicate ...

  5. You’ve captured all the greens and greys, and textures with a lovely light touch. As Julie says, extremely delicate.

  6. dear joan elizabeth,

    i love how creepy moss and lichen can so
    beautifully weave throughout the tree.

    your sweet comment on my letters blessed
    me, because i have worried sometimes that
    i am like the pesky little kid who follows
    behind the cool one at school. gleaning.


  7. These 'mini-gardens' deserve lots of attention! There is always so much to see.


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