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By Jamison Creek, Darwin's Walk, Wentworth Falls
Words to walk with:
From Dark Gift by Judith Wright
"Open, green hand, and give
the dark gift you hold.

Oh wild mysterious gold!
Oh act of passionate love!


  1. That first shot is a glorious macro, Joan. The second shot puts it all into perspective and enables me to experience the sounds and smells of the Australian bush.

  2. Just stunning. Such a glorious pink.

  3. Loved both the photos ... fabulous close-up and I loved the water in the background of the second shot.

  4. Amazing macro!
    The other day I got an e-mail with a power point attachement showing some photos of the most unbelievable Australian flowers. I've never seen most of them before.

  5. I'm a bit of a grevillea fan now, and this specimen is stunning! I love the gentle rapids on the Darwin Walk as well.

  6. Great macro shot. I love the colours


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