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Jamison Creek, Darwin's Walk, Wentworth Falls

Words to walk with:
From Wishes by Judith Wright
"What would I wish to be?
I wish to be wise.
From the swamps of fear and greed
free me and let me rise."


  1. Lovely words and lovely photo Joan! Green is really welcome:)

  2. I was so glad when I found this walk last July. It's a little gem I think.

  3. How come did Darwin end up in the Blue Mountains in 1836? Darned soon after the opening up ...

  4. That's such an intimate "portrait", the poem has really got me thinking now.

  5. Love the lush! Beautiful photo!

  6. Look at all that fernery. So, so lush. Great pic!

  7. Julie, it is surprising how much ground Darwin covered on his trip, both in Australia and elsewhere. He must have been very intrepid, given the rough travel conditions of the time.

    Even though such places are always green I was surprised at how much more green the walk was in comparison to doing it two years ago. The more constant rain since the drought is really making a difference.


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