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The forest path

Above: Tea trees, Darwin's Walk, Wentworth Falls
Below: Tea Tree flower

I am taking you on a Sunday stroll down the first part of Darwin's Walk. Charles Darwin visited Australia in 1836 during his Voyage of the Beagle and walked this track.

We are going to trace Darwin's steps with the words of Judith Wright an Australian poet to accompany us.

Words to Walk With:
From The Forest Path by Judith Wright
"When the path we followed began to tend downwards --
how it came about we hardly now remember --
we followed still, but we did not expect this,
the loss of self ..."


  1. I like the random art that nature generates on forest floors, very nice.

    In NZ we have two trees that are called tea trees: manuka and kanuka (See my posts of January 20 and 21 on

  2. I've never heard of tea trees before but, through google, now I know their oil is used in many ways.

  3. Hi JM, but as Paul in NZ says various trees are known as tea trees. This particular one is not the oil producing variety. It got its name because you could make a cup of tea from the leaves.

  4. A bush fairyland. I love the delicacy and scent of the tea tree flowers.

    Beautiful shot, Joan Elizabeth.

  5. Darwin's path? How fascinating! Are these trees also called melaleuca? We call it tea tree oil here and I use it for a few things. The flowers are a nice touch, seeing them on the ground.

  6. Paula, the oil producing tea tree is a melaleuca. These are leptospermum's.

  7. Thanks, I really like to know what I'm looking at, knowing the difference makes all the difference.


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