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Beside the creek

Jamison Creek, Darwin's Walk, Wentworth Falls

Words to walk with:
From Beside the Creek by Judith Wright.
Under the wavering water shine the stones,
rounded in ruby-colours and clouded white.
Once I walked barefoot into that cool
never-ceasing flow. I gathered once
pebbles and ripples, the skimming rounds of light,
and took them home.


  1. That's a prize-winning composition if I ever saw one. The perfect moment in time.

  2. I agree with Vicky. A terrific portrait, unassuming and engrossed, at ease in her own environment.

  3. A timeless photo. Children will always cherish the water! I loved the poem you chose as well.

  4. It might be the middle of the summer, but that still looks cold to me.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. I agree there is something totally charming about children splashing about in water. Several were choosing to cool off ... though as Jim says I am sure the water was cold.

  6. It's a lovely photo.
    Wish I was there with her.

  7. I was completely caught up in this image the moment I saw it. I, agree, a timeless moment.

  8. Outstanding!!! I was thinking about a prize-winning composition even before reading the others' comments. Congratulations, Joan Elizabeth!

  9. Ah, to be a child with my feet in the smooth round stones of a cold stream bed. Lovely


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