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Stone Walls

Paul Sorenson, was the landscape designer of the Everglades, the signature of his work are the perfect dry stone walls that meander and curve throughout the garden.

For a bit of fun, I've decided to run a comparison of this grand garden with my wild plot over at Burnbrae Journal. As I've just finished a series on weeds that infest my garden you can expect the parallels will be somewhat tongue-in-cheek.


  1. Dry stone walls are delightful. Love the moss that is attached to the wall in the main picture.

    It is a work of art that large wall, isn't it. Mine would have toppled over by about the 6th row ... or have a decided backwards lean into the embankment.

  2. After a visit to the UK and Ireland I grew to love dry-stone walls. Pity there aren't many in Australia.

  3. No stones in Florida, how I wish I had walls like that.

  4. You could do worse than hunt out more of Sorensen's walls for a little meander ...


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