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Room for a road 2 of 3

A year ago residents were fighting to save the old Mechanics Institute building. It was saved with only its portico being removed and is to be reconstructed as a side entrance.

Mmmm ... the new road looks mightly close to the front wall.


  1. Geez, it looks as though it has gone right back behind where that lady was standing. Will reduce the amenity of the hall something awful.

    I guess it was too expensive to simply move it to another block of land within the township - totally away from the highway.

  2. This one was contentious because it simply was impossible to move it and has been let get into a state of disrepair so expensive to get back to workable condition -- so the council wanted it gone, we do have another modern community centre.

    In the end the best possible compromise was reached. The portico was a later addition to the building so deemed acceptable to take it off and put on the side while keeping the historically significant building.

    I reckon the locals are split 50-50 on this one ... some just shake their head at the folly of saving it while others cheer.

  3. Ouch! As I go to talk to a valuer tomorrow, and finish my application for early resumption due to "hardship" today, this series is really hurting! ;-)

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  5. I'm glad they made an effort to save it and I'm sure the portico on the side will turn out to be an imporvement, maybe there will even be new interest in the building itself.


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