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Room for a road 3 of 3

I took the top shot of the shopping strip a month ago, just in the nick of time. The shot below is how it looks today. The shops have not been saved. Several at the the top end of the strip have been knocked down and the ones at the bottom end will go sometime in the future.


  1. Wow, you really did catch it in the nick of time. I'm looking forward to the seeing the "after" photos. Does this create any other improvements in your community? Will it bring more business or tourism.?

  2. That top photo is astounding when I think of what I saw today.

    However, if they can turn the shops around and concentrate around that courtyard bit at the back that you were describing, this should be better for the feeling of community. A shopping strip that is oriented for highway trade is on a trip to nowheresville in my opinion.

    I agree with Paula. Let's see what it looks like this time next year. Indeed, let's see if the road works are completed this time next year!!

  3. This is awful! The 'save the shops' sign didn't help much... I allways feel depressed when such a thing happens!

  4. JM, we will all be a little depressed unless the new shops are as lovely as some of the other new things happening in town then I'm sure we will all smile ... you can see from the top photo that the old shops were beginning to look very forlorn.

    Paula, the jury is out on whether things will be better or worse, it will be at least a year before we know so I will be back with an update next year.


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