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Afternoon tea

We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon tea in the garden.  Scones, jam and cream served with tea is known as Devonshire Tea in Australia and is a popular choice in tourist cafes.


  1. Could I pull up a chair, too?! Delicious photo!

  2. I'm coming to help you eat them.

  3. Yummo. Got to be one of my favourite tea time treats.

  4. Dear Joan,

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  6. Is that clotted cream? I don't think I've ever had any but have heard a lot about it. It all looks yummy, three of my favorite major food groups.

  7. Hi AB, yes it is very English but I believe it is eaten with clotted cream over there.

    Paula, this is just extra thick cream. Clotted cream is something different (apparently taken from heated unhomogenised milk and has a yellowish crust). I've never seen it.

    Everybody else, sorry it's all gone but if you want to visit the mountains just let me know and I'll whip up a batch of scones.


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