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Room for a road 1 of 3

Last year I showed you the little church beautifully restored and moved back on it's block to make room for the road. Well today the road is on it's way and moving ahead at great speed.

Things don't look quite so Village Green around here right now ... so don't expect the photos of the next few days to be pretty.


  1. Are you unhappy about this?

    A few days ago they started repaving the main road that I live off of. Later on they're putting in a sidewalk which I'm thrilled about. I'm sure the people who live along the road won't be happy though.

  2. The town has been 'on hold' for many years waiting for the road widening so in some respects it's quite welcome ... and the RTA has done a good job in other towns. The road certainly needs widening ... it's a parking lot on weekends in the high season.

  3. Do you think they have moved this church back far enough? The rumble and the fumes will cause a fair bit of deterioration, I reckon.

  4. Me agen.

    But all the lovely little fence has gone - both the outer AND the inner.

    Bloody RTA.

  5. Yes it has been moved back far enough, once all is done it will be no closer to the road than it was before. And let me assure you the lovely little fence is still intact and was built by the RTA as was the beautiful restoration of the building. We love them for it!!

    The RTA does a great job with fences ... I am enjoying seeing the new old fashioned metal fences they are beginning to build on the other side of town ... very elegant.

  6. Progress does not look pretty.


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