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One reason the gates are locked is to keep people away from the drinking water catchments.

One track looked more promising, the map said there was a lookout at the end, 8 kms away. We bumped along the track for a couple of kilometres only to find another locked gate, and a sign saying the lookout was 6.2kms on foot. Forget that, it would wear out my boots!


  1. Hah! That is bordering on false pretences by the Water Board. When you come to think of it, our country must be criss-crossed with pipes like this carrying water everywhere.

    We have been immensely cavalier with water as a resource until relatively recently.

  2. How cool it is to explore the unknown!

  3. That particular locked gate may not have been the water people. Parks and Wildlife and the council get sick of maintaining the dirt roads or consider that they are causing environmental impact so lock them up too. Also many of the roads were made as fire-trails and maintained only for that purpose.


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