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Country casuals

If bush walking isn't your thing then shopping is a good alternative.



  1. Interesting how they have coordinated their B&W for you. Shopping does nothing for me - unless in a junk shop in somewhere like Tilba Tilba!

  2. That's an interesting thing about B&W. In colour this photo is nothing. The couple's colours are not in the least bit coordinated (unlike yesterday's pair) but with B&W treatment it becomes much more interesting.

    I love browsing in Leura, but rarely buy. Everything is so beautifully crafted but a tad expensive. I had never heard of Tilba Tilba so had to look it up!

  3. I'm with the bush walking fellows! :-)

  4. TT is a treasure, nestled in the hills this side of Bermagui, yes? It is full of timber cottages, the entire town is listed! Full of artisans ... a bit like Leura but not for the well-heeled.

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