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Warmer forest

We're in the lower mountains where the temperature is warmer. It's interesting to compare the type of forest here to say here or here which are upper mountains tracks.

We followed the track a long way but the quality began to deteriorate and not knowing if the destination was worth it, we decided to back off.


  1. There is something inviting about a track that winds back like that. The trees in all three photos are so very very different.

  2. We get so used to thinking our forests are all gum trees (which they mostly are) but differences even within the same geographic area are quite startling. That's the joy of getting to know a place more inimately and having photographs as the record.

  3. Any idea what tree varieties these are?

  4. That is what I am discovering about my new area. Although mine is all totally man-made, it is still intruiging to find the dominance of nature underneath.

    I am tracking down a post or two on the canal. A bit like searching for the Tank Stream. Good fun, though.

  5. AB, I'm no expert on trees but looking at the photo I'd say they are eucalypts (gum trees) interspersed with casurina.


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