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Tea break

As the day begins to slow to a close the waitresses take a well-earned tea break at the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms.

Megalong Valley


  1. Maybe it's because the shot is in b&w but all the ladies look so similar! They could just belong to the same group! :-) Lovely!

  2. Hi JM, they all looked similar in colour too! I took the photo because I wondered what made them all to choose to wear black dresses, then I realised they were waitresses.

  3. This one doesn't work as well for me, Joan. I like the circle of waitresses and I like the B&W. However, I would have colourised the down lights: especially the glow. And I think I might have tried to get the lights all with their own space.

    I am learning lots from your foray into B&W. I can now understand your focus on chairs. These ones are particularly handsome and an understated element in the structure of your photo.

  4. I never thought of colourising the lights because they are white but I guess I could have given them a golden glow. As for getting the lights all with their own space I wasn't thinking a whole lot a about the lights it was only when I got it up on the screen that they appeared am important part of the scene. I guess I am learning the type of things you guys have been doing in 100 Strangers for months.

  5. Nice candid shot of the waitresses off-duty.


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