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Mountain people

I am starting a new series, showing you some of people who visit and live in the mountains ... and taking my first faltering steps with street photography.

Most visitors to the mountains begin at a map, choosing a walking track to follow.

Wentworth Falls


  1. She has to lug the pack!! Interesting that you keep the blue swatch.

    Good choice both for SP and B&W ... I have trouble with the environment bit ... putting the people into something that tells you about them and about where they are.

  2. Isn't Black and White great... I like this. Those boots... hmmmphhh! Nice photograph!

  3. I looked at this again... made me smile :) I dunno why!

  4. Sorry I know why... ever seen "My cousin Vinny".... a common term they use is "The Yute"... heck are they going hiking?

  5. Just noticed your slide show ... you did get your power back on yesterday!! And splodges of colour ... I am not keen on doing that myself but find it interesting what people chose to colourise when they enter this territory.

  6. Sean, I couldn't help noticing the boots either. They are such a good looking well matched pair. A short hike down the waterfalls I'd reckon rather than the more strenuous National Pass track.

    No I haven't seen "My Cousin Vinny" but using the magic of the web now understand the "utes" - "youths" thing. A ute in Australia is what the Americans call a pick up truck (but not as huge) and is short for "utility".

    Julie, the power didn't go off after all. As for the colourisation I know lots of people hate it but as I put together my B&W selection it just seemed right ,,, something about pointing to the central theme ... or perhaps I'm not quite ready to give up colour.


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