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A little further up the mountain buskers entertain the tourists and weekend shoppers.

Katoomba St, Katoomba.


  1. Nice light on the fiddle.Are they related, these two, did you get an impression?

    I could not sit like she is for very long at all: my knees would clunk, then lock. Not to mention the havoc the pebbles would play with my feet!

    Quite a swadge of pink!

  2. Love the light...!!!! The pink works very well too!

  3. Thanks Sean. I was pleased with this shot too.

    Julie, they appeared to be mother and son. My day's of sitting like that are also well over. Yet she seemed totally comfortable.

  4. And this time you highlighted the buskers money collecting case - an interesting choice.

  5. This set of street photograph is offering a beautiful glimpse of life into this area. Your selective colouring of the unexpected, rather than the obvious focal point, is eye-catching too.

  6. You have some interesting shots, I love the emphasis with spot color. It is almost like giving your photograph a title. Anna.


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