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There are lots more shops in Leura, including the upstairs shops where I never go. I always think of upstairs being the place for junk. I will come back and show you more some other time, maybe even upstairs, but tomorrow I am going to take you on a bushwalk.

Words to walk with:
Upstairs by Carl Sandburg
"I too have a garret of old playthings.
I have tin soldiers with broken arms upstairs.
I have a wagon and the wheels gone upstairs.
I have guns and a drum, a jumping-jack and a magic lantern.
And dust is on them and I never look at them upstairs.
I too have a garret of old playthings."


  1. Your choices for verse and pictures, especially the jams, marmalades, and other goodies, is impeccable. I'm putting a link to your blog on mine.

  2. Actually, it's already there but you get the idea!


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