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I was inspired by a recent post by James at Points of Light which showed the same lighthouse photographed at different times in different light conditions. I thought it's time I visited the South Lawson waterfall circuit again to see what might be different this time around.

This 2.5 km circuit which takes in five waterfalls starts at the bottom of Honour Avenue. I have walked it quite often but perhaps never at the height of the spring flowering. I was amazed at the profusion of flowers I found, all of them familiar from other walks I did during my year of learning.

Today's flower is a Drumstick (Ipsopogon anemonifolius) -- wonderfully photographic with it's neat symmetry.

Words to walk with:
From The Broken Drum by Edgar Guest
"There is sorrow in the household;
There's a grief too hard to bear;
There's a little cheek that's tear-stained
There's a sobbing baby there.
And try how we will to comfort,
Still the tiny teardrops come;
For, to solve a vexing problem,
Curly Locks has wrecked his drum.
It had puzzled him and worried,
How the drum created sound;
For he couldn't understand it
It was not enough to pound
With his tiny hands and drumsticks,
And at last the day has come,
When another hope is shattered;
Now in ruins lies his drum ...
While his mother tries to soothe him,
I am sitting here alone;
In the life that lies behind me;
Many shocks like that I've known.
And the boy who's upstairs weeping,
In the years that are to come
Will learn that many pleasures
Are as empty as his drum."


  1. I never heard of this flower before and it is quite beautiful too.

  2. The flower is wonderful. I think you answered my previous question here and I love the verse.


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