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Freddie and Fanny

The guys in yesterday's post may well have been reading about Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. What strange names for financial institutions, they seem better suited to these jolly fellows seen in the toy shop in Leura.

It's horrifying to see the great economies of the world struggling to stave off a depression. My parents spoke of the hardships their parents endured to keep their young families afloat during the Great Depression. And we have been living the good life thinking such a thing couldn't happen again.

Today is Blog Action Day where bloggers around the world are writing on the topic of poverty. Unexpectedly, the cold hand of poverty is begining to creep towards the respectible lives of those around us, starting with the aged and frail. Our parents spoke of the way people helped each other in bad times. May we each use this time as a wakeup to help others in need, not only those near but also those afar who's daily lives are always a struggle.

It's sobering to know my fabulous room with a view overlooks what was once known as the Hungry Mile, where men gathered every day in the hope of getting a day's hard labour at the wharf.

Words to walk with:
From the Hungry Mile by Ernest Antony written in 1930.

"They tramp there in their legions on the mornings dark and cold
To beg the right to slave for bread from Sydney's lords of gold;
They toil and sweat in slavery, 'twould make the devil smile,
To see the Sydney wharfies tramping down the hungry mile.

On ships from all the seas they toil, that others of their kind,
May never know the pinch of want nor feel the misery blind;
That makes the lives of men a hell in those conditions vile;
That are the hopeless lot of those who tramp the hungry mile ...

And when the world grows wiser and all men at last are free
When none shall feel the hunger nor tramp in misery
To beg the right to slave for bread, the children then may smile.
At those strange tales they tell of what was once the hungry mile."