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Harry Phillips

A mural painted on a building in Katoomba Street reproduces a photograph of Bridal Veil falls by Harry Phillips. Phillips, who lived and worked in Katoomba from 1908 to 1922, is famous for his souvenir albums of Blue Mountains tourist attractions and other historic photographs of the region.

He had a knack for capturing the romance of the environment, not just nature itself. Tomorrow I will show you an example of his work as compared to one of my shots of the same location.

Photo: Portion of mural celebrating Harry Phillips photography, Katoomba
Artist: Michael Lynn, 2001

Words to walk with:
From the blurb for a 1999 film The Blue Mountains of Harry Phillips
“Using his still camera, Harry Philips served the clouds at the open air church of the Blue Mountains for 40 years at the beginning of the century. Nature provided all the answers for this unique visual poet in his life long quest for spiritual transcendence.”