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Going down

Continuing the descent down Furber Steps, nature’s music is the waters of Witches Leap Creek burbling on to Veras Grotto and the rush of water over Katoomba Falls.

From here you get a different perspective of the falls to the one I showed on 19 June. I just love how walking different paths turns up new ways of seeing the same thing.

Photo: Katoomba Falls from Furber Steps

Words to walk with:
From The Birthright by Eiluned Lewis,
“We who were born
In country places,
Far from cities
And shifting faces,
We have a birthright
No man can sell,
And a secret joy
No man can tell …

Pride of trees,
Swiftness of streams,
Magic of frost
Have shaped our dreams:
No baser vision
Their spirit fills
Who walk by right
On the naked hills.”