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The 3801 is a historic steam locomotive that has been lovingly restored to enable young and old to enjoy the romance of billowing white steam, the clack-clack of wheels on the rails and the smell of burning coal in the air.

Diesel trains began to replace steam from the 1950s with the very last steam trains removed from active service on New South Wales rail lines in the 1970s.

Words to walk with:
From Night Ride by Kenneth Slessor
“The dark train shakes and plunges;
bells cry out, the night-ride starts again.
Soon I shall look out into nothing but blackness,
pale, windy fields, the old roar and knock of the rails
melts in dull fury. Pull down the blind. Sleep. Sleep
Nothing but grey, rushing rivers of bush outside.
Gaslight and milk-cans. Of Rapptown I recall nothing else.”