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I used the railway underpass to get to the railway platform so I can show you a shot of the progress of our shops (which I will show tomorrow).

The railway is very important to we mountain folk connecting us to the big smoke of Sydney.  Lots and lots of us commute daily.   I am so glad that is not me dragging my way home at the end of a long day.


  1. Wonderful photo of the travellers passing through the tunnel.

    Railways connect people here in Canada too. Here in Ontario we have several systems, two major ones for freight, a national one for crossing the country from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, and a Province of Ontario one that connects people from the Greater Toronto Area. Still the roads are crowded though. ;)

    1. It has been one of my dreams to catch the train that runs right across Canada.

  2. Our roads are crowded, too. I would like to think more people would use trains and buses, but they like the individualism, I guess. And public transport does entail a walk at the beginning and at the end. And folk do not like that.

    Waiting to see the shops, Joan.


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