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New shops

We are very excited.  Back in 2010 they demolished our local shops and since 2011 we have had just the one set of shops at the far end of the strip (as well as some around the corner in Honour Avenue). Now all of a sudden the empty holes are turning into shops nearing completion.  There are rather a lot so we are all eager to find out what type of businesses are going to fill them.


  1. Oh it will be fun! You've waited five years for this!

  2. Glad your community has been rejuvenated after all those years.

  3. Not a Woolies, or a Coles, but perhaps an IGA. Not a newsagemnt, as I suspect their business model is no longer viable. A bakery? Some cafes with good coffee.

    1. There is a small in dependant grocer and newsagent/post office around the corner. Down at the far end that has been operating for a while is the bakery and fast food outlet. And downstairs at the back of that building a hairdressers and recently a coffee shop opened. In the new building a bottle shop and pizza/ kebab shop have already moved in and I think the florist has returned there too.

      So we have just about everything so I don't know what else there will be to fill the rest of the shops.

    2. Some of the things we lost were a butcher, delicatessen, ops shop, gift shop, real estate agents (there are a couple of them already here), electrical shop, pet shop, more hairdressers and a couple of restaurants. There is already a hardware store around the corner which took over what had previously been a doctors surgery and old wares. The doctors are now down the street.


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