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Medlow Bath

We are passing by the Hydro Majestic Hotel where people once came to take in healing waters and bracing mountain air.  It's closed for renovations at the moment. The signs say it will reopen in 2012 but I have my doubts because those signs are falling down.


  1. Shame, because it must have been gorgeous!
    Nice photo:)

  2. Yes, I know what the 'about to be restored' signs actually mean, especially now that the economic situation here was never as dramatic as it is now.

  3. O no! I did not know this was closed! This was a favoutite haunt on a Sunday afternoon for me when I lived in Sydney! Enjoyed the jazz and the view! But I did notice the cliff was crumbling a little close to the building and some of the rooms were closed even then! Do hope it re-opens!


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