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Lithgow 1 of 4

After the last of the tunnels we reach the outskirts of Lithgow, a small industrial city.  You can see its heritage in these worker type cottages.


  1. Really enjoying the train ride Joan Elizabeth. I have been to the BM's a few times, once in dense fog!!!, but never on the train. Lokking forward to more shots of Lithgow as I have never been there.

  2. This town is situated in a beautiful scenery, and I like the cottages:)

  3. Yes there is plenty of fog here summer and winter -- disappointing for visitors hoping to see our awesome views.

  4. A pretty spot with those little cottages - reminds me a bit of Maldon in Victoria!

  5. Oh this is a gorgeous shot!
    That little peak of stone on the hills, the poplars, the cosiness, the bush, the little cottages.


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