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I end this series with Langley the lovely home of our next door neighbours.  Some of those early postcards that I mentioned in my first post were addressed to Miss Chrystal and Mrs Langley so that is probably the association with this name.

Some readers have asked to see the postcards so I do a short series on them next.


  1. It's a shame you finish this series Joan - it's so lovely! I would do with more pretty houses in beautiful gardens:)
    By the way, I have similar lantern like the one in the last photo:)
    Have a nice week ahead!

  2. So many lovely weatherboard cottages and gardens in Lawson! I've enjoyed exploring them with you.

  3. what a beautiful house - looks very well maintained. Liked the series too.

  4. Love the sign and the old lamp shot.

  5. The sign looks to have been carved into one of those old mile-markers. I like it a lot. And the house too ... although I wonder about damp, and rot and mould and the cost of upkeep.


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