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Ambermere Rose Inn 5 of 7


  1. I have a recipe for pear, pistachio and chocolate cake.
    Doesn't that sound fabulous?
    Over behind us is an old house no one lives in.
    It has lots of fruit trees including a pear - every day I go out and see if they are big enough to pick so I can make that cake!

  2. I love old fruit trees, especially the more unusual varieties from the past. It will be a long time till I see a pear full grown on a tree here in Yorkshire

  3. Oooh pears. Must be deprived - I've never seen a pear on a tree before!

  4. Letty, the recipe sounds yum. I'd be raiding those trees too.

    Winam, I know you've have gone apple picking, pears tend to grow in the same places.

  5. My son David has a nice old pear tree in his front yard. Sue and I stopped by and picked up a big bag full and she made pear butter out of them. Anything you can do with an apple you can do with a pear. She put up 10 pints and gave one (a tithe) to David. I have been trying to make the rest last until the pears are ripe again.


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