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There is also an occasional old home built in sandstone.  I'm sure this would have a name but I could not find it.  They don't seem to like visitors, that is a high electric fence and the front gate is entangled by a thorny rose.


  1. Nice looking house, is that a tin roof? Is the fence for people of animals do you think?aquedsit

  2. Terrific sandstone cottage. We have a few in my suburb and I love going for a walk past them.

  3. They are just asking for trouble.
    Some people just see electric fences as a challenge!

  4. This is a little off-colour but I'm going to put it out there anyway - you might think it's funny.
    You know how at the top of your pages there are those little thumbnails of each blog, well every time I visit and I sort of catch those thumbnails out of the corner of my eye - I am always startled by the photo of the lady going to the toilet(!!!)

  5. I love the second photo - this table and chair are charming. Would be lovely to have a nice cup of tea there:)

  6. Paul, yes a tin roof, by far the most popular roofing material around here.

    Jim, sandstone is such a beautiful mellow colour and to me always seem rich and elegant.

    Letty, maybe it is meant for possums as I am not aware of any major break and enter problems around here. I think I had better go take a new people photo on the weekend to give the poor lady a rest!

    Joo, afernoon tea in the garden is a lovely idea especially on the very warm summer days we are having at the moment.

  7. beautiful old house . . . but not very

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  9. Do you think the pitchfork is to prod people back over the fence, should they stray too far?
    When I lived in the country I became used to people's addresses being described as "they live in so-and-so's old house".Each time I shifted within that environment, the street and number never mattered, it was who had lived there before. 'Baker Street' and 'Abernathy Avenue' were just greeted with a cursury nod ,explicitly understood as teacher housing.Loved your photo of Dr. King's house.

  10. I love the jaggle of roof-line. So good for the eye and brain to linger over. I, too, noticed the pitch-fork. I cannot justify one in my court-yard, but might consider one as 'eye candy'.


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