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I'm ending this series with two more interesting relics from the past.

After 40 yesrs when the MacCrae sisters died the house passed on fully furnished to the Paap family who lived here 25 years.  When they too aged the house was sold and the contents auctioned off.  One of the neighbours down the road bought two paintings and years later, knowing our interest in the history of the home, sold them back to us.  

We had them cleaned and reframed in the style of the originals and they now hang on either side of the fireplace.  The artist is a MacCrae.



  1. And will be part of the household contents should you and Ian decide to .... what's the word ... trade down ... smallise ... ??

    And what of that bonzer looking wireless ... tell us please ...

  2. I really enjoyed this series!
    Can't wait to see another:)

  3. Looks cosy and very pretty!
    Great art and nice warm colors.

  4. splendid painting! my husband and i
    enjoy collecting art, too.

  5. It's good to have artwork that means a lot to you.

  6. Julie .. downsize or rightsize is the word I think.

    Now that wireless has quite a story. My late brother in law was of Russian descent, born in China. His family escaped from Russia and lived in China until they had to leave from there too in the mid 1950s. This wireless came with them from Russia, via China to Australia. My brother in law had it in his bedroom as a kid and took it with him when he left home. With a burgeoning family in a modern home he wanted to send it to a new place to live and we were the lucky recipients. We had it repaired and it works fine, the only thing wrong with it was a faulty valve.


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