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Nepean River

The road then descends quickly to the bottom of the mountains and I can see the growing city of Penrith sprawling across the plains below. At its border is the lovely Nepean river and this is where our pictorial drive ends.

From here there is a high speed motorway mostly edged by hard concrete, grassy slopes and planted trees. About this point I put on the radio and hurtle along oblivious to Sydney's western suburbs hiding behind the trees.


  1. The last 10 posts have been an interesting exercise, Joan. Not just the photos but also your commentary. I am not surprised that as soon as you reach the bottom of the descent you turn into auto-drive. I walk 35 mins each way to work. I will take some images and show what I pass by ...

  2. I find this shot particulrly interesting, it could have been taken around here, especially the paddle wheel. It looks like something i would find on the Blackwater River, so named because the tannin in the nearby trees colors the water.


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