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My daily drive

PJ has requested to see something of the terrain that I travel through on my 100km drive to work each day. So here we go, its not all pretty views.

I start with the slow bit, the never ending roadworks that are making the highway wider, the hills flatter, the curves straighter -- so people can speed through our magnificent bushland without noticing. No sooner do they finish one patch than they move onto the next town.

By the way, the Old Lawson Mechanics Institute building that I wrote about in September has been saved from destruction by the highway widening juggernaut! A tribute to a persistent band of locals.


  1. There's always the need for speed and it's so sad. I think we should start lobbying to keep curves in roads, make people pay attention to what they're doing! Keep it coming, I looked The Blue Mountains up on the map and I'm fascinated by their proximity to Sydney.


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