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As I descend to where the climate is warmer purple Jacarandas are putting on a pretty purple display. At Warrimoo I am always delighted to see this one which is beautifully offset with a flamboyant hot pink bougainvillea.


  1. It looks extremely tropical,how cold do you get in winter?

  2. In the upper mountains we get occasional snow, but it never lasts long on the ground.

    During the winter months (June, July August), the average temperature in the Upper Mountains is around 5°C while in Summer (December, January February), the average temperature is around 18°C.

    The Lower Blue Mountains where this picture was taken has a much warmer climate. The average temperature is 16°C in winter and 29°C during the summer months.

  3. Great contrasts in that vegetation, leaf and flower. Love it!


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