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That's part of the old zig-zag that was used to get trains up and down the mountain in the past.  They run steam trains for tourists on that line these days.


  1. I love these old preserved railways, mostly run by volunteers. I like modern rail journeys, travel by train several times each week, but it is not the same. Soulless travel run by people who would not care if it was turned into a biscuit factory.
    One of my all time favourite films is The Railway Children, filmed here in Yorkshire a short drive or even a rail trip from here. To get to Oakworth where quite a bit of the Railway Children was filmed you would travel on a heritage railway for part of the trip.

  2. The old viaduct, and the steam trains are all very scenic, isn't it? The one and only time I went on this train was as a child in the 80's, but I still remember it.


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