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Theme Day Bonus: Mystery Object

Today you get a bonus post because I have been reminded that it is City Daily Photo theme day.  It is a mystery to me why people would want to deface these magnificent trees.

Also note the difference between the tree posted earlier today.  They are both smooth trunked but one has a different colour ... I think the one below is an angophora, this is a eucalypt and the ones with dark rough trunks seen in some earlier posts in this series are turpentines.

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  1. Yes, an absolute mystery to me, too, Joan. The same with rocks. Why bother!!

  2. I also don't understand it, and all the time I see something like this it makes me furious!

  3. Yes I agree. We see that here, on trees and on agaves whch I suppose isn't so bad as they grow more leaves. Hate this on beautiful tree trunks.

  4. It's vandalism at its worst. It's not graffiti that can be painted over. Grrrrr...


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