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Lawson to Lithgow

The October long weekend was wet and cold so it seemed like a good idea to catch a nice warm train ride to Lithgow.

Here we are on Lawson station, See how the new shops are progressing. Its hard to believe that a year ago our little town looked like this.


  1. Hah! The lone stop-out ... but I cannot place him in your 'previous' shot. Maybe a slightly different slice. Did you read Richard Glover in the SMH about the 'malling' of Mittagong. I sooo much prefer the random (ugly) strip development.

  2. You can't place it because it is a new building! It was built behind the line of old buildings which were all demolished. to make room for the car parking.

    There is to be another building beside this but nothing seems to be happening very quickly on that front.

  3. Just read the Richard Glover article. I guess that is why I love country towns so much, they are still old style authentic. He mentions American towns ... Penrith reminds me of American towns chock full or chain stores with fast food joints lining its entry points ... but I like it when I am seeking household goods.

  4. Oh I liked the strip of shops. Yes Glover had a great article about Mittagong.
    Our weather has been terrible as well. Long weekend was very dreary and cold.


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