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Feed the mind

Up the stairs, after a bit of huffing and puffing I was back at the top on the sandy track where I found these pink kunzea flowers. Aren't they lovely.

Words to walk with:
From Who Walketh Wonder Shod by Dame Mary Gilmore
"Feed the mind, feed the mind,
Feed the mind with wonder!
Feel the marvel of the wind,
Th' astonishment of thunder;
Find enigma in the grass,
Splendours in the dew,
Till all things shall, as in a glass,
Show the glory through."


  1. What a simple yet very firm line through the poem. I had no idea what Gilmore did - other than sit for her portrait.

    The kunzea is so delicate - and your photo allows us to concentrate solely upon it.

    A really good combination of word and image. I like it ...

  2. That's a beautiful sentiment to go with this delicate flower. A perfect match.


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