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Cataract Falls

And here's the waterfall.

Words to Walk With:
From The Cataract of Lodore by Robert Southey
"The Cataract strong
Then plunges along,
Striking and raging
As if a war waging
Its caverns and rocks among:
Rising and leaping,
Sinking and creeping,
Swelling and sweeping,
Showering and springing,
Flying and flinging,
Writhing and ringing,
Eddying and whisking,
Spouting and frisking,
Turning and twisting,
Around and around
With endless rebound!"


  1. I so love waterfalls and this is beautiful! So delicate!


    Guelph Daily Photo
    Photography Cafe

  2. Lovely waterfall and good angle for the photograph. Not my fav sort of poem - but I do like the list of verbs.

  3. The more I see the more I would like to walk around there. Beautiful!

  4. All these are looks such a wonderful place to investigate, especially with a camera. Lovely image.


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