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I decided to go back to the Lawson waterfall walk again this weekend, choosing to start at the other end of the track. Not far down the path there is a glimpse of what is to come, a peek at Cateract Falls.

Words to Walk with:
From Anticipation by Emily Bronte
"A thoughtful spirit taught me, soon,
That we must long till life be done;
That every phase of earthly joy
Must always fade, and always cloy:

This I foresaw - and would not chase
The fleeting treacheries;
But, with firm foot and tranquil face,
Held backward from that tempting race,
Gazed o'er the sands the waves efface,
To the enduring seas - ;
There cast my anchor of desire
Deep in unknown eternity;
Nor ever let my spirit tire,
With looking for what is to be!"


  1. I don't know if "the race" has anyting to do with our upcoming elelections, but I appreciate learning to process yearnings as I don't really know what the outcome will be and what the consequences will be.
    As always, just a lovely posting.

  2. A most beautiful photograph. Contrasting the vertical of the snow gums with the horizontal of the rock and then being washed o'er by the water ... quite delightul.

  3. PJ, I find the daily search of thoughts to match the photographs does deliver valuable wisdom from others.

  4. Oh gosh, you certainly have some beautiful landscapes in your area. How gorgeous! I'm a bit of an armchair traveller and I revel in the escape that your blog provides.


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