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It is not long before we come to a little lookout where we can get the first glimpse of the falls through the trees.  There is a bench here too  "In loving memory of Maisie and Robert who loved these mountains"

But it's too soon to sit down  … let's keep on walking.


  1. Maisie and Robert ... what a glorious combination of names ... speaking of how soothing the bush is for you, as you did in your response in the previous post, yesterday we held Alannah;'s 5th birthday party in our garden. Come 1 o'clock, I took a bus into CQ to meander thge old colonial by-ways ... my version of thge same thing. The Rocks were awash with some sort of foodie festival. It took less than quarter hour to tune all that out ... just me, old buildings, and people from the first fleet.

  2. I love the white tree bark in combination with the greens and browns of the surrounds.


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