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The pretty purple flower is a Tibouchina which blooms in late Summer and Autumn.

As I walking along I was thinking of the bird house I showed yesterday as being an American type thing, then saw this at the next house which is something you see in American movies, a basketball ring in the driveway.

I remember when we were kids we called this type of basketball "American men's basketball" as opposed to the type of basketball that girls played which is now known as "netball".  But I just realised the netball usually has no net on the ring and basketball does ... so go figure.


  1. I love Tibouchina ... they are all over down here at the moment. I do like this composition. The net gives it energy ...

  2. I love the colour here. Brightens up a grey day. It certainly feels like autumn now.

  3. I really like this clever composition!

  4. A great juxtaposition of two unlike images. . .I like it!!


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