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Shire offices

Lawson is no longer one of the better known towns in the Blue Mountains but once upon a time we were the hub of activity, even having the shire office before it moved up to Katoomba.  It is now our local library.

1918 Wilson Directory
Lawson is becoming a township of considerable importance, and during the last few years improvements have been effected in numerous directions. Its admirable parks and reserves all situated in convenient and suitable places, prove a great attraction. LaWson possesses an advantage over other mountain centres with its excellent train services as all passenger trains on the Great Western Line stop there. It is also the centre of the Blue Mountains Shire and the council chambers are located near the station. The town is lit by electricity, and there is a good swimming bath quite handy which is well patronised The improvements recently made by the Shire Council make Lawson one of the most desirable places on the mountains. The climate is ideal as a summer and winter health and scenic resort.

Source: Mid Blue Mountains History