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Lawson Stage 1

Yesterday our local member of parliament opened Stage 1 of the highway upgrade through Lawson. It was a rare sunny day so the local citizens donned hats, slapped on sun screen and put in the sunnies to go hear the speeches and join in the free sausage sizzle.

The highway is by no means finished but it is year since I provided a Lawson update  Some of you may remember that the widening of the highway through Lawson has been highly contentious because of the loss of heritage so for the next few posts I will be showing before and after shots so you can assess for yourself how things are going.


  1. Don't think of it as losing heritage, think of it as, um... err...

    something else. ;-)

  2. I don't think that highway will ever be finished - at least you have a train line.

  3. I quite admired this gentleman when he was in charge of fires. But he allowed himself to be a lamb to the slaughter elsewhere ... shame, really.


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