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Mayfield Garden 3 of 7

Anyone who follows my garden blog Burnbrae Journal will know how much mowing the grass disturbs me (the grass is always getting too long).  This place would be my worst nightmare.  But isn't the green of the countryside just awesome at the moment -- it was raining again on the day of our visit.


  1. Yes, the greens are just a delight to the eye! I looked on SMH forecast this morning and it is 'high' probability of rain every day this week. Sigh ...

  2. What lovely green gardens. So well kept.

  3. Forget the lawns. It's the stonework I love in this garden.

  4. Julie, yes so much rain but I am not game to complain, it is saving me a fortune in water bills.

    Winam, the countyside around Oberon reminds me of England -- rolling and green.

    Vicki, the stonework is super impressive. I've shown you a mere faction of it.

  5. The first foto is fabulous! I gree with Vicki, stonework is great!
    Have a nice week:)


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