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My verdict

So as I walk along our newly paved and streetscaped footpaths and notice old homes being treated with renewed respect I feel pleased but also a little sad that our down at heel little town is fast becoming a model of modern suburbia, something that has never been to my taste.   But I have to admit that people like me contributed to the gentrification process when we moved here 18 years ago.

I spoke to a young mum pushing a stroller the other evening. She was thrilled with the smooth new paths.   I guess I will appreciate them too sometime in the future when I am driving along in my electric oldies cart.


  1. Cute house! I love the tin roof.

  2. What a beautiful house! I love it, and you know what, I do appreciate smooth roads even now:)
    Have a nice week ahead:)

  3. Progress - good and bad - beaut house!

  4. It would be perfect if the improvements didn't take characteristics away, but it seldom happens...

  5. One of the things I would find very hard, I find it hard down here, the the amount of glare that radiates from a large, virginal block of concrete!

  6. I'm not a big fan of "progress" when it comes to where I live. I'm more than happy to live on a dirt road with no paths, streetlights or rubbish collection. But that's me. :)

    Love the house, though.


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