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Wisk and Pin 2 of 3 -- Store

While I waited for my order I browsed around the Wisk and Pin store which has an eclectic mix of local produce, handmade items, gourmet jams, tea and lots of other utensils and gifts.

The teapot cosy -- are they really back in vogue?
The pumpkins -- they are a popular vegetable in Australia while I understand that in other parts of the world they are only fed to animals.
The creamer on the the middle shelf -- the shape of an old cream bottle, I like it.


  1. Yes yes ... I remember when cream came in that shape. Instead of those dreadful cardboard things which are impossible to open ...

    I love this trip around the Whisk & Pin ... and your method of showing it.

    Rug up me hearties ...

  2. I was one of those pumpkin people! I didn't eat a pumpkin until my first visit to Australia from London in 1995 - roasted, caramelised and gorgeous as part of a roast dinner. I never looked back! England now sells pumpkins but old traditionalists still regard them as a Halloween accessory, carving out the lantern and chucking the pulp away.


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